Mold Inspection Cost - Beware of Free Mold Inspections

Free Mold Inspections

There is a reason why a good Mold Inspection Cost and is not free. I will explain why and you need to pay attention. It cost money to have lab work done to check the air quality in your home or to take samples and have them tested. Mold inspection companies that offer free mold
inspections will come with a hitch. The word free is just to get you to call, then once they get in your home the hidden cost to actually do the mold testing will start adding up or they might offer a free mold test as long as they get to do the Mold Removal. This kind of an agreement is setting yourself up for a very expensive bill at the end so be careful.

Mold Removal Cost will start to add up but there are ways to save money and I will help as much as I can. First thing I recommend is checking the Better Business Bureau on any mold inspection company you are thinking of using to make sure they are listed and there hasn't been any complaints that are UN-resolved. I want you to know that it is OK for a company to have one or two complains listed as long as the complain has been resolved. I say that because there are some people that you can never satisfy and they always complain.

It is OK to ask questions:
  • who does your lab testing?
  • Will you get a lab tested written report on their findings?
  • Are you a license company?
  • Is your company Insured?
  • Ask for references.
These questions will help you decide if the mold inspection company is professional or not.

After you have your test results back and if you have a mold problem now its time to get a company to do the Mildew and mold removal. You can ask the company that did the testing to give you and mold removal quote, but don't stop there. Just like any work your having done on your home get several mold removal estimates. Don't forget to ask questions and check the company out with the (BBB).